I completed my PhD at the Computer Music Research Lab - University of Plymouth UK

I had my PhD degree awarded on 03/09/2012 with the title "Emergent Rhythmic Structures as Cultural Phenomena Driven by Social Pressure in a Society of Artificial Agents".

Topics of research

. Rhythm Perception and Production
. Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing
. Bioacoustics
. Sound Analysis and Synthesis
. Composition
. Artificial Intelligence
. Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life
. Neural Networks
. Music Information Retrieval (MIR)
. Physical Models of Musical Instruments


PDFs of some of these articles can also be found at my former lab publications page

  • Martins, J. M., Shen, K. and Muschenich, M. (2015). "Rhythms from the animal world in the practice of composers ", Proceedings of the XXV International Bioacoustics Congress, Sep 5-12 2015, Murnau (Germany)

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    [pdf] [bib]

  • Martins, J. M. and Miranda, E. R. (2008). "Breeding Rhythms with Artificial Life", Proceedings of the 5th Sound and Music Computing Conference, Berlin (Germany)
    [pdf] [bib]

  • Martins, J. M. and Miranda, E. R. (2007). "Emergent Rhythmic Phrases in an A-Life Environment", Proceedings of the Workshop on Music and Artificial Life - European Conferecence of Artificial Life (ECAL) . Lisbon (Portugal)
    [pdf] [bib]

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    [pdf] [bib]

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    [pdf] [bib]

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  • Martins, J. (2002). "Measurement of String Instruments" published in the report of the Seminar of Measurements and Modelling in Acoustics and Audio. Report no. 65 Helsinki University of Technology, Laboratory of Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing, May, Helsinki (Finland)
    [pdf] [bib]