This page is devoted to new experiences in music, thoughts, and announcements.

My email is available so that you take part in this environment: research (# at #) joaomartins.eu



project : MUSIC-ME.ORG - An Age-based music recommendation system made by me and my colleague and friend Eduardo Coutinho. [Link]

project : Onomatopaiku - Study on abstract writing based in Japanese form [Link]

workshop : Workshop Raum-Klangkomposition mit dem IKO in Köln [Link]

festival : Festival Tanto Mar II in Cologne, Germany [Link]

profile : Andreas Oskar Hirsch is an artist and music instrument inventor living in Cologne, Germany [Link]

profile : Tim Otto Roth is an artist from Freiburg, Germany [Link]

festival : Festival Tanto Mar in Cologne, Germany [Link]

workshop : Rhythm Perception and Production Workshop, Jul 03-05 2017, Birmingham, UK [Link]

concert : Das Konzert Plectrum [Facebook]

conference: XXV meeting of the International Bioacoustics Council (IBAC), Sep 07-13 2015, Murnau, DE [Link]

profile : Kuai Shen is a media and installation artist living in Cologne, Germany [Link]

workshop : International Amibio Workshop "Recent Progress in Computational Bioacoustics for Assessing Biodiversity", Jun 13-14 2013, Bonn, DE [Link]

conference : II International Workshop on Folk Music Analysis - FMA, April 19-20 2012, Sevilla, ES [Link]

conference : Music, Communication and Human Development, April 8-9 2010, Lisbon, PT [Link]

conference: 6th Sound and Music Computing Conference, July 22-24 2009, Porto, PT [Link]

symposium : Music, Science and the Brain, Plymouth (UK) (FREE) [Link]

congress : 2nd International Congress on Art, Brain & Languages, Casa da Música, Porto (Portugal) [Link]

workshop : Workshop on Music and A-Life, part of the ECAL 2007 [Link]

release : NonStandard CD - [Link] [ebay]

summer : DECOI 2007[Link]

profile : Zlatko Baracskai is a composer, musician, programmer, lecturer and interaction designer that performed live electronics in the Plymouth Contemporary Music Festival [Link] [MySpace]

event : Social Hacking 22-24 of March [Link]

lecture : Brian Eno "Free Thinking Lecture" [Link]

festival : Musica Viva Festival 2006 [Link]

radio : The BBC Reith Lectures 2006 - Daniel Barenboim [Link]

conference : The First International Conference on Digital Live Art [Link]

summer : DECOI 2006 [Link]

profile : Poetry from J.L. Williams [Link]

profile : Eduardo Coutinho doing research on music and emotions at the University of Plymouth [Link]

conference : Conference on ""Rhythm, Time and Temporal Organisation", June 2-4 2006, Edinburgh, UK [Link]

concert : Past concert featuring electronic music artists in Plymouth [Link]

profile : Have a look to the web page from the composer Patrício da Silva displaying some sound examples of his works [Link]